The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site: Preserving Automotive History in Shelby Township, MI


Nestled in the heart of Shelby Township, Michigan, The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site stands as a testament to the rich automotive history of the region. This iconic landmark, once the testing ground for Packard Motor Car Company vehicles, now serves as a living museum dedicated to preserving the legacy of one of America’s most storied automobile manufacturers. Information can be found here.

A Legacy of Innovation:

Established in 1927, The Packard Proving Grounds was originally designed as a facility for testing and refining Packard automobiles before they were brought to market. The site played a crucial role in the development of some of Packard’s most iconic vehicles, contributing to the company’s reputation for quality, innovation, and luxury. Today, the historic site stands as a reminder of Packard’s legacy and its lasting impact on the automotive industry. See here for information about Shelby West: A Residential Haven in Shelby Township, MI.

Historic Buildings and Landscapes:

The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site is home to a collection of well-preserved buildings and landscapes that offer visitors a glimpse into the past. Highlights include the Administration Building, designed by renowned architect Albert Kahn, which serves as the centerpiece of the site. Other notable structures include the Garage and Workshop Buildings, where engineers and mechanics once worked tirelessly to perfect Packard automobiles. The expansive grounds feature manicured lawns, picturesque gardens, and scenic vistas, providing visitors with a serene and immersive experience.

Educational Programs and Events:

In addition to its historic significance, The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site is also a hub for educational programs and events that celebrate automotive history and culture. Visitors can participate in guided tours, lectures, and workshops that explore various aspects of Packard’s legacy, from its engineering innovations to its impact on American society. Special events, such as vintage car shows and community festivals, offer opportunities for visitors to connect with fellow enthusiasts and experience the magic of classic automobiles up close.

Preservation Efforts:

Preserving the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site for future generations is a top priority for the dedicated team of volunteers and preservationists who oversee its operations. Through careful restoration and maintenance efforts, historic buildings and landscapes are meticulously preserved, ensuring that the site remains a vibrant and evocative tribute to Packard’s legacy. The ongoing support of donors, sponsors, and community members is crucial to the success of these preservation efforts, allowing the historic site to continue serving as a valuable resource for education, recreation, and inspiration.

Community Engagement:

The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site is more than just a museum; it is a beloved community treasure that fosters a sense of pride and belonging among residents of Shelby Township and beyond. Whether attending a special event, volunteering as a docent, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll through the grounds, visitors of all ages can find something to cherish at this historic site. By engaging with the local community and fostering a spirit of collaboration and inclusivity, The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site continues to enrich the lives of all who visit.


In conclusion, The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site stands as a living testament to the enduring legacy of Packard Motor Car Company and its contributions to the automotive industry. From its historic buildings and landscapes to its educational programs and community events, the site offers a wealth of opportunities for visitors to connect with the past and celebrate the spirit of innovation and ingenuity that defines American automotive history. As a cherished landmark in Shelby Township, The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site serves as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.